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Five ways to stay inspired and motivated

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

⁣⁠As creatives, often working alone and in front of a screen it's easy to feel blah. Here's a few ways to stay inspired and motivated to make sure we get where we want to go!


Actually writing down where you’re heading makes you WAY more likely to actually make it there, PLUS it gives you a clear vision of where you’re heading + what you’re working towards.⁣⁠



Stepping away from screens & filling your mind with new ideas, inspiration, education, and strategies will keep you motivated & excited about what you’re doing!⁣⁠



One of the biggest ways you can spur on motivation is to step away from work & get out in nature. Our brains recharge & think way more creatively when we’re outside. Take regular breaks during your work days & weeks to help your brain stay fresh!⁣⁠



Nothing compares to having like-minded community around you to cheer you on, call you out on your mistakes, and bounce ideas off of. Whether they’re online & you utilise phone calls or you have in-person community, surround yourself with people who will help light your fire when you feel drained!⁣⁠



One of the biggest kick-starts you can give yourself or your biz. Whether you invest in an online course, a mastermind, or a business coach, you’re basically giving yourself the biggest boost ever to your motivation AND your opportunities. Whether you’re just starting out or 10 years in, this is one of the best things you can do for yourself & your biz.⁣⁠


Was this helpful?! Comment your favourite ways to stay inspired! 👇🏼


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