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Blog 10 Social post ideas that create connection and convert followers

1. Share your ‘Why’. How did you get into Photography, who inspires you, want keeps you driven?

2. Introduce one of your clients and why you love working with them. This could be a client who you have been on a photography journey with. For example: engagement to wedding to newborn shoot.

3. Give a shout out to 3 people who support you (this might go with a pic of you and your family) This links in really well with your ‘Why’.

4. Share the best advice you've received in business. Share with your audience how this mentorship supported and inspired you.

5. List your favourite tools you use for your work (and tell your audience to "save" the post!).

6. Explain one of your services & how it works (don't assume your audience knows) This can involve your work flow and processes.

7. What recent advice did you give a client? Give the main points in a mini-tutorial style post.

8. Show off your most popular service/product/offering. This is where you want to sell your services to give the client the best experience and products you can give them.

9. Describe one of your clients' pain points and how you can help solve their problems! Sometimes our clients don't even know they have a pain point, but it's a barrier for them booking our services. For example, a big pain point for a Mum booking a family shoot is being worried about her children's behaviour. Share how you can help your client solve this, or tell a story about how you managed this pain point in the past.

10. Describe the three benefits of working with you and why the clients should choose you. Sell, sell, sell! You may want to ask colleagues or friends to support you in this, if you find it tough to rave about your skills.


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