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Clothing Colours - Should we change them?

This is such an interesting discussion and I think there isn't really a right or wrong answer. What I do think, is communication is key.

When it comes to weddings or any type of photoshoot really, our clients can spend a lot of time matching their colours and deciding what tones to wear. Then sometimes they get there images back and can be shocked or even disappointed to find that the photographer has totally changed all the colours.

Buttttt... The photographer knows best right? Well, we like to think so. Yes, we have a creative licence to shoot and edit how we think looks best and in line with our style BUT. We probably should also take into consideration that it's the client who is paying us right? It's the clients wall where these photographs will (or if they hate the colours in them, won't) be displayed on right?

And if a client doesn't like the end result, won't that reflect back on us badly because they won't be singing our praises to their friends or family. They'll be getting asked about the photos and they'll be making a comment like - oh yeah, we just didn't really like them or they didn't have very nice colours in them. Sounds realllll great for our brands right?

So how might we avoid this situation? Communication.

That would be my go to. If a client spends months and years choosing their weddings colours, we should probably honour that and showcase them as close to real life as possible if that is what the client wants. OR if the client spent weeks preparing their family shoot outfits, but our preset is going to change all the blues to greens, we should probably consider whether we should do that.

If in your process you communicate that you have a specific style or way of editing that will affect the colours in an image, make sure your client knows and understands and loves that look. If you're going to make it super earthy then make sure your client loves that. If you're going to go with super light and airy and film looking, make sure your client loves that. Then you should hopefully help your client to avoid any surprises. It could even be as simple as letting them know they can provide feedback when you should them the sneak peeks and letting them know it's ok to let you know if they want something tweaked. Or educating them that at sunset the sun casts a different colour cast on images and clothing than mid morning. Or even that standing in a green field with green trees above can cast yellow and green into peoples skin and clothing tones.

Because at the end of the day - a happy client makes for a better end result for you, and for them. And that's what we want right?


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