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What I Love About My Stylist

Ok, yes I know. Weird title. But I'm not kidding.

When you work alongside other vendors, those vendors can sometimes become an extension of your brand and client experience. Whether they are your makeup artist, hair stylist, assistant, second shooter or associate shooter.

You and them are perceived as a package when you're working side by side or they are working for you.

It's hugely important to align yourself with people you trust, that you would refer work to, that you would go to yourself or that you love the experience they give. Image if you gave a recommendation to your client for makeup prior to their engagement shoot and it was a terrrrrible time. That client might actually have negative feelings about the fact that you were the one to refer them to that person. That reflects on you, not just the terrible time the client had with that artist.

So, what I love about my stylist?

That they are a representation of my brand ethos. They fit well with my client base and they are there to do an amazing job. Like a truly above and beyond kind of job, because that is what I pride myself on as well.

This reflects so positively on my brand that I often have people coming back for second shoots, asking for that same stylist again. They are a huge part of the positive experience my clients receive. And that in turn, results in higher spends. Which is what we all want right?

I highly recommend when ever you create your recommended vendor lists for any genre shoot or choose a stylist to work in your space, trial their service themselves, or have coffee with them, visit the venue, have a conversation with the people your clients will be dealing with. Ensure that the recommendation you're giving is a good one.


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