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The Importance Of Communication

Ever been to the counter and then been surprised or shocked at the price because it's not what you thought it was going to be?

For a lot of us, that is a really horrible feeling. It can result in leaving a much needed or wanted item behind or even purchasing it to save face so that we don't feel embarrassed.

No one wants to leave their client or customer feeling like that. We don't like it and they don't like it.

Yes, there will absolutely be some client's that aren't worried by the cost of something. They'll happily just pay it. But that won't always be every client.

Clear communication, price lists and explanations of how your service works is key in avoiding that situation.

Especially when it comes to photography, digitals and print pricing.

So what are the key points we need to clarify for our clients?

  • How many digitals they will receive if any

  • Whether clients can by digitals only or whether you only sell print products

  • Whether matching digital files come with any products or not

  • What size those matching files can be printed to

  • Does the client have the rights to print the digitals

  • What does their sitting/session fee/package include

  • What doesn't it include

  • Are there travel fee's

  • Is there overtime fees or fees for changing the brief of a shoot on the day

  • Is there a fee to reschedule and what are the time frames allowed for this

  • Is a session fee/sitting fee/booking fee/retainer non-refundable? (Check your local law or have your contract checked by a lawyer for this to ensure you use the right terms)

  • Perhaps you could even advise how much on average people spend

And most importantly. Ensure they have your full price list before they pay you any money and understand how it works.


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