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Don't have enough time?

Don’t have enough time?

Here are 15 ideas to instantly ‘find’ more time.

1. Don't multitask - work on one thing at a time. 2. Turn off all notifications on your phone. 3. Turn off all notifications on your computer. 4. Automate repeatable tasks. 5. Use a timer and set it to 20 minute increments with a 2 minute break. Take a longer break every hour. 6. Make guides for every repeatable task you do and outsource to a VA. 7. Schedule set times to check email, Slack, and social media. Stick to it. 8. Get an alarm clock and leave your phone charging in the kitchen overnight. 9. Delete every app that doesn’t support you being the person you want to be. 10. Delete all your work apps and email from your phone and only use them on your desktop. 11. Shut down those 100s of tabs you aren’t clicking. Focus on one idea at a time. 12. Cancel all vague meetings without a clear defined purpose. 13. Turn your phone to airplane mode while you are working. 14. Turn off your computer wifi while you do deep work. 15. Stop scheduling pointless meetings with others.

Which ones of these will you try?


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