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5 Reasons I Love Using A CRM Software

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

There are processes and systems for everything we do. Whether we even realise it or not. We wake up in the morning and put on our dressing gown and brush our teeth. Step 1. Turn off the alarm. Step 2. Put on the dressing gown. Step 3. Go to the bathroom and brush our teeth. Our photography businesses also have processes and systems. A CRM simply allows us to put those all (or most of them) into a system that does a lot of it for us. We basically tell the CRM software what and how we want things to be done. What we want to be said, how we want things to be layed out and even when we want an action to happen.

There are obviously still steps we have to take ourselves, or that our staff have to do for us. But for the most part, a lot of things can be outsourced to the system itself. Freeing up our time to be better spent elsewhere.

So what are those 5 reasons that I love using a CRM and specifically Studio Ninja?


Pick and Choose quote templates. These beauties allow me to send out pre-saved price or package lists to my leads based on the genre. They're super easy for my clients to then compare their options and pick and choose what they'd like to add on to the main package. This results in extra add-ons, album sales and package upgrades!


The client portal, this is such an awesome, easy to navigate portal where the client can access any questionnaires I've sent them, their invoices or quotes as well as any contracts I've sent them. They can sign the contracts, accept the quotes and make payments all via this portal.


The contract feature. I've already mentioned it but it deserves it's own bullet point. Online contracts where both the clients can sign the contract! This is so much easier for the client than asking a client to print out a contract and then sign it and send it back. The contracts are then linked to the job and invoice and quote meaning that all the information for me and for the client is in one place!


The questionnaire template. Customisable questionnaires where my clients can tell me everything I need to know about their upcoming jobs or even about their experience with me! These can be created as templates and saved to workflows so that they're already ready to go!


Automations. Often we think of outsourcing as being to a person but it can be to systems too! Automations mean that things are getting done and we don't even need to do anything! Yes, there will still be somethings you'd like to personalise but often there are a lot of tasks that can simply be done by the software. Saving you time and your client time too! I automate questionnaires, payment reminders, check-ins prior to a wedding or shoot, tips & tricks guides and so much more!

What to see exactly how this is set up? Check out our Wedding and Family Workflow Courses!


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