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Three Reasons Why I Blog!

Why should we take the time to write or create blogs? One simple answer is it will help with your SEO. I always believe though, as much as we should build our websites out for Google and SEO it's even more important that our website is build for our client.

And that is where blogs come in! These are three top reasons why you should add blogging into your workflow!

  1. The obvious, SEO. Blogs that feature key words or mention venues or vendors are a great way to create a higher ranking website. A side effect of blogging and mentioning the other vendors involved in a shoot or wedding is that they may share your blog too, building on that relationship as well as putting your content in front of their audience!

  2. It positions you as the expert. Potential clients want to see examples of what you can do for them. Your blog posts could be photo examples or even guides, that talk to a clients pain points and resolve those issues before a person may have even got in touch with you! At some point, they will be done reading your long list of blogs but having a few there means that you're perceived as busy by a potential client. Which translates into - all these people trusted this person so I should too!

  3. Blogging can turn you into a better writer and a better story teller. This is both to do with writing but also to do with your shooting too! When you shoot a wedding or family shoot for an album you create different images than if you were purely shooting for a hero frame on the wall. The same goes for if you are going to blog from a shoot. You will start to think in ways that you can tell a better story with your photographs, not just taking hero shots. This can mean a more creative thought process! Becoming a better writer is also great when you apply those new found skills to your social posts. Positioning yourself as more of an expert and creating an engaged following.

So how do I make my blogs so easily? I use Narrative Publish. This key tool in my arsenal means that we can easily select and layout aesthetically pleasing blogs with great SEO properties. It's even super easy then to upload into your website blog posts! Simply copy and paste the HTML code or if you're on wordpress, there's even a handy plug in that will automatically get it on there for you!

Need some inspiration for your first blog? Write a blog about how to prepare or what to wear to your photoshoot!


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