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Shoot with Us - Couples Shoot workshop July 2022

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We had the best time at our sold out Shoot with Us workshop! Interested in what happens during one of these sessions, read on!

We started the workshop with a meet and greet time so that our attendees could connect and get to know each other. We also talked through what's in our bags, and what we bring on a shoot, including lighting (and snacks!). Part of the success of a shoot is prepping our clients to feel at ease with us, so we shared the way that we would prep our couples before a Wedding day or couples shoot.

Once our three beautiful couples had arrived we walked to find the perfect location to shoot in. Neither of us had pre-planned where we would shoot, so as we walked we described what we are looking for in a location and the type of light we are looking for in that space.

Ruth started by demonstrating her 'posing chat' that she starts every shoot with! We then went on to talk through our thought our thoughts as we shoot and pose. We had some great questions come in, which we always embrace as it means the content being covered is relevant to what our attendees want to know. There are no stupid questions!

Once we had finished teaching, we loved watching and supporting our attendees as they practiced what they had learnt. It was great seeing how the different photographers used the same space to capture completely different images! We are often so isolated in our photography practice and seeing how others shoot and their resulting images is such a powerful learning experience.

From a personal perspective, I (Ruth) found that seeing the images that others created helped me to better understand my own personal shooting style, and the way that I see. I can now better put into words my own personal style!

A massive thank you also goes out to our three wonderful couples for hanging out with us for the day and letting us all photograph them along with Cherie B Hair and Makeup for doing all our ladies amazing makeup! We had some awesome vendors, Dorset Suits who gave us Josés awesome tux and Frankie and Flora on the flowers.

We'll finish with some beautiful feedback!!

'You ladies are such an inspiration, truely! It's actually really hard ticking away at this as a hobby/ potential business alone and you guys really set the fire going again. I've always put weddings in the too hard basket but after the weekend I felt like it was a mini taster of one... and that yes I can do this!'

Shoot with Us Workshop attendee - July 22


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