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Products Are Confusing: My Top Three Sellers

Your Question:

"Products are confusing, what are your top three products you sell?"

Oh I feel ya. They totally can be confusing! It can be confusing for you, and confusing for the clients if you have idea where to start either.

But we want you (and us) to be an authority, a professional. We want you to be able to easily answer your clients questions and offer a great selection of professional products so you know the photographs you've painstakingly edited are printed with just as much love and care.

A sales technique created by minds far greater than mine tell us that we should ask open ended questions to find out what our client needs and then recommend a solution to their need.

Now that is definitely a key part of this, but first we need to know our product. So that we can actually make a recommendation that we believe in. If you aren't passionate about what you are selling, you won't sell it. Well, you'll sell some, perhaps passively through your online gallery, but not as many as you could. You'll be letting yourself down as well as your client.

Products are not about shoving everything and anything at your client and making the buy things they don't even need. They are about serving your client to the fullest of your ability as a professional in your industry.

They are buying photographs, so what will they do with said photographs? Probably display them as their wall paper on their devices, upload them to social media and you know what, they'll probably print a few too.

So serve them, give them a way to order those print products from you instead of someone else!

So what is a super easy way you can do it right now? Well... An easy way is to start offering products is via your online gallery shop feature, although this doesn't work for those that may want to sell in person only and complete the process that way, it's a great way to introduce product to your clients!

Simply go to your gallery and choose a handful of products to start offering.

Set up your online shop so that it is SUPER easy for your clients to purchase print products from you. We love using a platform that automates as much of the process for us as possible and there are plenty of options for this to find one that suits you! We currently use Pic-Time because of it's marketing automations for the shop.

Once it's set up, start telling your clients that there is a shop where they can purchase print products from! If they don't know about it, how will they use it!

As you get more confident and you uncover more of your client avatars needs, you can expand your offerings.

To answer the second part of your question - The top three products that I sell that you can start with are:

  • Flushmount Album (specifically 14x10" or 12x12")

  • Frames

  • Loose Lustre Prints

Extra products I sell a lot:

  • Loose Print Boxes

  • Matted Print Boxes

The products I hardly sell:

  • Novelty Products like calendars

  • Canvas

Now to answer the question that I know is coming next. I get my products for the most part from Queensberry. Some of the other options I sell come from various Labs built into the Pic-Time Shop as Queensberry is not auto fulfilled in the shop, it does require more knowledge of the products and time. The products photographed in this blog are Queensberry products and they actually have a gallery & Shop option where you can have them drop ship all the prints to your client so that is an option too.


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