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Not Another Photo

Eyes rolling. Looking away. Dodging the photographer. We've all experienced when clients or even friends and family have done this when we've taken out our cameras. They maybe don't get our 'WHY' but when it comes to the crunch, our hobby, our work, our passion, it is important. It brings a moment back to life. Recently I went to a friends memorial. He'd died prematurely at the age of 43 a week before his 44th birthday. On a TV screen were countless photographs, changing position every couple of minutes, ranging from childhood (though not as many as film was still prevalent in his younger years) right through to weeks before he passed. Those photos along with memories are what is left for us here in the living world. A newborn baby, a first birthday, a graduation ball, university nights out, engagement, wedding, 50th birthday, a birth and all the other milestones days in between. They all deserve documenting. In a digital era photos, especially on our photos can feel overwhelming. Checking my phone I have 24,584 and I took at least 200 this weekend. Yes I'll cull them...eventually; but I never regret taking them. It's laughable how few photographs my husband takes. But that is a different blog post! Photographs are memories made physical. Memories are what we are left with.

Few things are more important. These are the things we as photographers are passionate about! We encourage you to share this with your clients too, using your own experiences of why photos are important to you. Our clients resonate with this and sometimes our personal stories are that little prompt that encourages them to book!!


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