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Automations are sexy

Automations. Okay it's not the most sexy subject, but damm, when you bring automations into your communication and workflows it gives you so much mind space for other parts of your business. Setting up automations that work for you in your business is the easiest way you can get back some time while everything is working in the background.

Automation also lead to a consistent client experience. Which leads to great reviews, and word-of-mouth marketing. To make sure your client experience is replicable you will need it to be systematized and as automated as possible. (Even if the automations are automated reminders that get sent to you to do

something highly personal)

Tools I use to automate:

- Studio Ninja - to automatically send emails, during different parts of my workflow

- Youcan book me - to automate the booking of appointments

How should you automate?

1. First, you need a workflow - write down all the different things you do throughout a job. Eg for a commercial job you might send a confirmation of booking email, then a guide, then a reminder prior to the shoot, then a follow-up email after the shoot.

2. If you are using a CRM system add this into your workflow for that genre.

3. Are there emails you are always sending at the same time during this workflow?

Add this into your workflow as an automated email! Remember to test these using your own email address to make sure that all the links are working and they read well.

What if these emails seem impersonal?

It's up to you if this is a problem for you or not. Sometimes I will start my emails with 'this is an automated email where I'm checking in too.....'. For me the possibility that I would forget to send these emails was worse than the possibility of my clients being offended by them being automated.


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