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The Photographers Guide To Outsourcing

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Get back your life and create more time by outsourcing! In this course we share the secrets to successful outsourcing that will save you hours as you avoid all the mistakes that we made when we started outsourcing. We give you all the tools to build a dedicated team while scaling your business and increasing your income. Outsourcing overview This segment covers how to start with outsourcing as well as what should be outsourced and what tasks in your business you should keep. We dig into how outsourcing can speed up your processes and workflows to increase your efficiency so you can spend less time working and doing more of the things you love. Virtual Assistants We delve into the world of virtual assistants, and they value that they can add to your business. Learn about how to find them, the many options that are available and how much you might expect to spend! Management tools In this series of short videos, we give you best practice recommendations on how to make task management when outsourcing seamless. See exactly how these tools can be applied to successfully communicate with your team. How to outsource editing This segment gives you the ability to nail down a smooth workflow with easy and efficient communication with your editor. We discuss how to choose the right editor for your business, where you can find one and how much it will cost. We also cover how to train an editor and setting expectations from the get go for the best results possible!

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